To use my knowledge and years of experience with Access and SQL Server databases and programming platforms, such as .NET (DotNet) and ASP, to create efficient business solutions for companies.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Over 22 years experience in the computer industry, and over 11 years experience in software development.

  • Experience building Web sites using HTML, ASP (Active Server Pages), ASP.NET (using C#). Includes scripting, like VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML. Also supporting technologies, like Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS).

  • Experience using Web development tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Homesite, TopStyle.

  • Experience with database technologies: Microsoft SQL Server , Microsoft Access, and related technologies like Data Access Objects (DAO), ODBC, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

  • Experience with graphics/drawing tools: Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro.

  • Experience with search engine optimization and website marketing, including Google Adwords campaign management.


Kudu Industries, Lago Vista, Texas (Aug 2006 - Present)

Website Developer / Consultant

  • Developed an ASP.NET (C#) web-based time entry system for a client. The system integrates with an existing Access database and provides multiple reports used for billing clients and paying employees. The client reports that this system has made huge productivity improvements in the company.

  • Developed an ASP.NET (C#) web-based application for measuring employee performance. Also developed the SQL Server backend database. The application has an admin section for creating user accounts. It records employee performance evaluations, and provides reports and charts showing employee performance.

  • Created a MS Access-based application for a title company that handles title document tracking. This includes several reports. The application has also resulted in productivity improvements for the client.

  • Created the website This is a search engine optimized website that gets a sizable amount of daily traffic. I also manage the marketing campaign for the website.

  • Manage Adwords online advertising campaigns for clients. This includes writing advertisement landing pages, monitoring conversions, and adjusting the advertising campaign when necessary.

University of Texas (UT), Austin, Texas (Jun 2003 - Aug 2006)

Senior Systems Analyst

  • Developed a ASP.NET (C#) website that was used to manage an energy project that the BEG (UT) was involved in. The backend was a SQL Server 2000 database. The website allowed project members to log in and post project douments and also manage the project schedule.

  • Analyzed, documented, maintained, and enhanced a sophisticated ASP-based time management system. Also made several improvements to the backend SQL Server 2000 database. The improvements resulted in a better user experience and accurate time reports.

  • Migrated an Access database of geological rock samples to SQL Server 2000 and created a new, more flexible ASP website for the public to search for rock sample data.

  • Maintained and enhanced a MS Access-based accounting system. This included adding several data entry forms and reports.

  • Responsible for maintenance of several smaller MS Access database systems.

CompuCare Management Systems, Austin, Texas (Nov 2002 - Feb 2002)

Web Application Developer

  • Completed several projects to expand an existing web application that serves companies in the social services industry. Each project involved designing and creating new tables, creating constraints, and writing stored procedures in the SQL Server 2000 database, writing the necessary COM objects, creating the required HTML front-end, and writing ASP code to make the pages functional.

ReadyTex Homes, Cedar Park, Texas (Jul 2002 - Sep 2002)


  • Developed an ASP-based data entry application capturing data about buyers, sellers, and homes in a MS Access database. A search feature allows fast searches to find suitable buyers for a house, and automatic emails to targeted buyers. Client-side script (JavaScript) validates user-input. The system dramatically reduced the time it takes to find buyers for a home, and increased efficiency in keeping track of active buyers and sellers.

Pounds Photographic Labs, Austin, Texas (Apr 2001 - Jun 2002)

Web Developer

  • Developed three modules of an ASP-based data entry system used by professional photographers. Client-side script (JavaScript & VBScript) validates user-input. A combination of script and DHTML facilitates client-side functionality, e.g. updating a data grid with user-input. Data storage in a SQL Server database is handled by COM components. One of the modules uses Remote Scripting to allow for data storage/retrieval without reloading pages in the browser. The system significantly increases employee productivity and reduces errors by allowing clients to enter their own photographic order data.

Envision Inc., Austin, Texas (May 1999 - Mar 2001)

Web Development Consultant

  • Developed an ASP-based service requisition system (for in-house use) that allowed for 29 different service requests. The request entry form displayed only the necessary fields for each service type, thereby reducing user confusion significantly. Validated user-input is stored in a SQL Server 7 database, using stored procedures. Emails are automatically sent to the all employees involved in the processing of the request. The application has an administration section to manage the flow of requests and control user access. Due to company business rules, the application has built-in security, separate from network security. The application significantly increased user productivity by drastically cutting down the time it takes to fill out a service request, and eliminating incomplete requisitions being sent back for corrections.

  • Enhanced two other intranet sites by replacing SQL statements with stored procedures. This resulted in speed improvements and a significant reduction of user frustration.

ImageWave Corporation, Lago Vista, Texas (Nov 1998 - May 1999)

Software Developer

  • Developed reports modules that interface with the company's main data application, using Visual Basic 6. The modules utilize a report writer ActiveX control, called Active Reports.

  • Developed an ActiveX component that contains custom dialog boxes that access a back-end data source, displays the data to the user, allows user selection of data, and passes the selected values back to the programmer utilizing the ActiveX component. It was used in the report modules described above.

  • Wrote various SQL scripts that create MS SQL Server data tables, and scripts that populate the data tables for testing purposes. Also wrote various triggers and stored procedures for a MS SQL Server database.

US Fleet Leasing, San Mateo, California (May 1997 - Oct 1998)

Senior Programmer / Analyst

  • Developed a database application, using MS Access, to administer the company‚Äôs incentive compensations plan. It produced all the reports required by the Finance department to make commission payments. This application significantly reduced the amount of time it took to create the reports, thereby increasing the productivity of the employee tasked with administering the plan.

  • Solving problems with existing database applications created with MS Access.

  • Creation of various business reports after the close of each business month.

National TechTeam, California (Sep 1996 - Apr 1997)

OA Support Analyst

  • Team leader of a PC support team, providing support in a Novell 3.1 / Windows 3.1 / Windows 95 network environment, creation and maintenance of LAN user accounts, solution of LAN and mainframe connectivity problems, installation and configuration of new software, and solving of problems with software not functioning as expected.

South African Broadcasting Corp., Port Elizabeth, South Africa
(July 1987 - June 1996)

Senior Engineering Technician

  • Design and development of electronic devices. Component-level maintenance of television broadcast equipment. Installation of new television broadcast equipment. Configuration and operation of television broadcast equipment prior to and during boradcasts.

Johannesburg Computer Holdings, Johannesburg, South Africa
(July 1986 - June 1987)

Computer Technician

  • Assembly of personal computers, installation and configuration of data storage devices and software, and second-level fault finding and repair of personal computers.


National Higher Diploma Management Practice

Port Elizabeth Technikon, Port Elizabeth, South Africa (1992 - 1993)

  • A 2-year course that taught the basic principles of Industrial and Financial accounting, Management Information Systems, Economics, Human Resources, Marketing management, Management Principles, and South African Labor law.

National Diploma Electronic Engineering

Technikon OFS, Bloemfontein, South Africa (1985 - 1989)

  • A 3-year course including the following subjects: Engineering mathematics, Digital systems, Electronics, Radio electronics, Television engineering, Industrial engineering, Electrical engineering, and Programming (BASIC).

Other Training

  • MS Access: Completed two courses (intermediate and advanced) on creating databases in MS Access.

  • MS SQL Server: Completed a 5-day Microsoft course on implementing a database design in SQL Server.


  • English: read, write, speak.

  • Afrikaans: read, write, speak.