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South African Social Clubs

When you first arrive in your new country, it can be very useful to have contact with other people from your former country who have already gone through what you are currently going through. This is where social clubs come in.

There are social clubs for South African immigrants in many cities in the world. In some cases they are called "The Springbok Club of ...(and whatever the name of the city or region is you will be living in)". In California there was the Springbok Club of Northern California, and the Springbok Club of Southern California. Here in Austin it is South Africans in Austin.

These clubs often have many enjoyable social activities throughout the year. When we arrived in the US, we joined the Springbok Club of Northern California, and socializing with other South African immigrants made it easier for us.

Some of the things we did with the Northern California club are:

  • Barbeque on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay on Memorial Day
  • White Water Rafting on the American river close to Sacramento
  • Canoeing on the Russian river near Sebastopol
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Tennis days
  • Pub nights
  • Other camping trips

Here in Austin we've held many braais (barbeques) over the years. For the past five years, we have also attended the annual Texas Potjie Festival. They are all a lot of fun and we have made many good friends at these events.

I recommend that you at least make contact with the club in your area. The emotional support that you can get out of this can be very valuable, especially in the beginning.

Please refer to my links page for resources to find social clubs.

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